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May 28, 2019


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"Pop Buddhists believe there is no transmigrant since the Buddha denied the Ātman. They are wrong on both counts".

This is a realisation I have just arrived at. There is a genius Pali translator, Ken Wheeler posting on YouTube about the mistranslation of key Pali words/terms which has completely turned everything on its head for me. If only more stubborn 'Buddhists' would just open their minds and give this guy a listen/watch.
Incredible stuff and totally in-line with everything here. Thank you for posting this very important information.
Best wishes.

In my experience, many pop Buddhists (good term for them) do believe in a transmigrant, they just get picky about what to call it. They will call it the "mindstream." Say the word "soul" and they huff and puff about how they don't believe in a soul and they don't believe in God because Buddhism is "non-theistic." But they have no problem believing in yidam deities and vast arrays of other non-corporeal beings of which they have no experience or evidence whatsoever, they just take it on faith.


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