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April 11, 2019


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[At Saavatthii the Ven. Kaccaayana asked the Blessed One:] "'Right view,[1] right view,' it is said, Lord. In what way, Lord, is there right view?'

"The world in general, Kaccaayana, inclines to two views, to existence[2] or to non-existence.[3] But for him who, with the highest wisdom, sees the uprising of the world as it really is,[4] 'non-existence of the world' does not apply, and for him who, with highest wisdom, sees the passing away of the world as it really is, 'existence of the world' does not apply.

From the article below;

"While this metaphor of a dream or mirage has been used for hundreds (even thousands of years), what this might actually mean from the perspective of science has never been fully explored. It means that what we think is real is actually a kind of projection — like a film, or more likely, an interactive synthetic experience, reminiscent of a dream. In today’s terminology, we would say it’s just like a video game!

In Buddhism, the whole idea is to reach enlightenment, to get off of the wheel of reincarnation, by “waking up”. In fact, Buddha literally means “one who is awake”. Just like the “red pill” from the Matrix wakes up Neo from his illusory reality, the practices of Meditation and Yoga have been created by the sages over the years for a singular purpose: to wake us up from the illusory nature of reality around us!"

Religion & The Simulation Hypothesis, Part 2: Is Karma A Questing Algorithm?


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