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February 14, 2019


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Smith: you were precisely speaking of karma when you brought up predestination. Although you are right of course that there are doctrinal considerations about karma, the word merely means "action" and is a spiritual law like the law of gravity, belonging to no doctrine. For what its worth, I am perfectly happy for you to be a Christian. It brings me only joy! From my perspective, if you do manage to be reborn in the Heavenly King realm (by the vows of Avalokitesvara), after a long and happy life in that heaven you may have obtained enough spiritual knowledge to begin following a path that will lead to liberation.

yeti; lol. was i speaking about karma? you must be confusing me with someone else. Christianity doesn't include karma. That's a hindu doctrine.

Smith and Dave B.: As regards your speculation on "free will" and predestination, neither of you have the slightest understanding of karma.

"You have lost track of your fundamental treasure: the perfect, wondrous bright mind. And in the midst of your clear and enlightened nature, you mistake the false for the real because of ignorance and delusion."

"Your true nature is occluded by the misperception of false appearances based on external objects, and so from beginningless time until the present you have taken a thief for your son. You have thus lost your source eternal and instead turn on the wheel of birth and death."

(Surangama Sutra)

dave b: following link is rc sproul giving a full Christian discourse specifically on 'free will';


dave b: did you view the referenced videos before your last reply? Id like to reply but what you last said seems too nebulous and disconnected from what the bible clearly has to say about GOD, predestination, and 'free-will'. RC Sproul is the most comprehensive and deep theologian/teacher/Christian- apologist, and has fully covered this subject.

Non-Christians may very well disagree and reject it, but its best to first understand it-which for most is difficult- before responding to it by referencing Greek philosophy such as stoicism; which is not Christianity.

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