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February 11, 2019


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I have to disagree. I don't think there really is a leaning to the logical in the West but to the emotional. Their logic is emotive not logical. "If there is a soul, and any kind of afterlufe, I'm in trouble because I'm a whore or manwhore; ergo, there is no soul nor afterlife." Its no more complex than that. Its all about their emotional attachment to sexual promiscuity.

Krystyn: I could have added much more. For those who believe that both Zen and Buddhism are mystical traditions, the book is worth the purchase (I have it on Google Bks.). McGilchrist loves the mystical traditions like Sufi and Zen so right there we Zennists have an ally. I find that it gives me new hope and ammunition to rescue Zen from those who would hand it over to left hemisphere types who don't understand the context of Zen.

Thank you for keeping up your writing. It makes me feel not so alone.

I see the left brain as "seeing mountains as mountains", the right brain as "seeing mountains are not mountains". When we finally get them working in harmony..."mountains are mountains again".

The meditation textbook "Mind Illuminated" by Culadasa also stresses the two modes of cognition, parsing them as attention and awareness. Attention being exclusive, narrow, conceptual, egoic while awareness more inclusive, holistic, intuitive. He defines right mindfulness as the optimal relationship between the two.

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