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January 13, 2019


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PS: There are many spiritual traditions, like shamanism, that are based on entheogens, like ayahuasca. LSD culture was the Western version of that. To reiterate: I am not promoting anything. I don't even drink alcohol anymore. Kids, don't do drugs, etc. But it has a history with spirituality, it's close to the dream yoga practice, even in Buddhism:

read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philosophy_of_psychedelics#Indian_philosophy

re: Soma and "RasayAna" in Vajrayana

Drugs are vulgar. The noble don't need them, but they can be shortcuts for some people to something more noble ie. bhāvanā

Let's not demonize people

Jung: "be assured, they do not equal true enlightenment."

You're so dramatic. Shinzen is like a cute hamster.

You take him too seriously. He's an endearing creature.

Yes, he's no advanced bodhisattva. But your problem is (yes, I know who you are) - that you see things in black and white terms. Mara this, Mara that, you sound like a Christian preacher!

You need to relax.

It's not "either Mara or Buddha". Some people will start with Shinzen and then be lead to other things. Shinzen is an ordained Shingon monk I think. He does his best to teach students simple shamatha.

It's like the Zennist who had that first Zen teacher who didn't teach him much except sitting and sweeping. Still, it wasn't totally good for nothing. At least it made him realize he has to rely on himself.

This demonizing people is a manifestation of your samskaras, however, your onesidedness is in not balancing wisdom and skillful means. Oh, wow, he did LSD! God forbid! The horror.

I did it, too, and so did the Zennist I guess, and many others. I wouldn't promote it but it is a shortcut to show you with direct experience how the "mind is the painter that paints reality" to quote a great MahAyAna sUtra.

before you call me a Mara's servant let me just stress that I am not promoting LSD or saying it leads to awakening (LOL), just that it shows a person that radically different states of mind are possible. Again, it's not purely negative or positive, like anything else.

You Zen people should learn from the Tibetans to be a little softer and to balance wisdom and skillful means/compassion. You too tight!

Be well, glad to see you're still strong.

Yes, I agree Jung
I'm not a Shinzen fan
But I liked the idea of "God's Arrow" reaching to itself through space and time.

Mr. Shinzen, a self-confessed LSD lover back in the 70s and early 80s, is now a staunch defender of the Tibetan Gelugpa Shunyata doctrine and of course on that poor spiritual horizon, an equal defender of the no-self, which the original Buddhas have declared to be anathema and in no way equal to one´s true nature, which is the unconditioned, unborn self.

No wonder he has collected the usual guru worshipping crowd with a couple of nice females at close proximity, looking after his every whim.
Very new age, and not much different to so many Mara-minions before him.
If you buy his message and video preachings then you have in a way confirmed your own ignorance which is basically perpetuated by Shinzens ignorant ramblings.

True enlightenment, even at the first bhumi, reveals the Bodhisattva within and its nirvanic nature, abilities, and functions. The mind in the video, referring itself in its nirmankhayic form as, Shinzen, has no such reference-point to speak of as he hasn't really attained true enlightenment. What he probably has, is entered into the formless meditative states of shunya.

Because he hasn't encountered and self-identified with the true bodhisattva within himself,(the Buddha-to-be), you can see how he struggles in the videos on his youtube site to describe the rather mundane dhyana states he managed to enter and dwell in.

The states are described here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flKM6w1aXa4 but be assured, they do not equal true enlightenment.

Excellent blog post btw!

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