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January 03, 2019


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Dave B: sorry to interject but we have exchanged views before so perhaps another perspective will be welcome.

There is an interesting truth of existence in this realm composed entirely of desire, in which a strong aversion to anything tends to manifest that very same phenomenon within the realm of experience. Surely you have experienced frightening dreams at some point. If the mind freed of its sensory constraints in a dream state gravitates toward that which it most fears -- a unique and quite frighteningly real hell if you will -- all the more can this be realized as taking root in waking existence when we project our strong emotions, whether they be desire or hatred.

Just as the Buddha prescribed meditation on foulness to banish the demon of desire (for the demon of lust cannot easily tolerate foulness of any kind), for the arising of anger and loathing, which is the very gateway to hell, he prescribed metta bhavana, or generation of kindness from the spirit.

But there is a further step, which I might recommend. Undoubtedly in your studies you have encountered teachings on equanimity -- a sublime state reached only by disengaging from sensory and thought forms. The best and surest method to first attain and then stabilize this sublime state, perhaps the only one with lasting stability, is dhyana.

I will leave it to you to explore the five hindrances, which prevent the mind from coursing in the states of absorption and the attainment of liberation from these and any other fetter binding you to the wheel of birth and death.

"dave b: by insulting the Vajra lineage and the Triple Gem you only harm yourself by creating negative karmic imprints in your mind."


This is silly superstition carried over from theistic/monotheistic religions. Only if two conditions were met could this be true: (1) that Buddha is God, and (2) he really taught the evil vile sex cult doctrines of Tibetan Sexcultism.

But neither of those 2 premises is true.

Even in the Theravada canon, where it says things like insulting a Buddha will land you in the lowest hell for kalpas, how could it be the case unless this is a theistic universe, and Buddha is God? It obviously cannot really work like that.

These kinds of claims are just the stock inventions of a corrupt religious clergy who don't want their false doctrines exposed. The creation of this notion that speaking against a false version of Buddhism brings bad karma, or consigned you to the lowest hell for kalpas, is no different that he Roman Catholic creation of that verse that claims Jesus said that "whatsoever blasphemy a man speaks against the Father or Son can be forgiven, but not blasphemy against the Holy Spirit" or in other words, questioning a fake miracle claim of the Catholic church.


I am reminded of what Bodhidharma said in his Outline of Practice:

"Devils and demons possess the power of manifestation. They can create the appearance of bodhisattvas in all sorts of guises. But they're false. None of them are buddhas. The buddha is your own mind. Don't misdirect your worship."

Off topic, when looking at that photograph there appears to me to be a tree spirit just to the right of the boy (to the boy's left), directly above the red flag.

dave b: by insulting the Vajra lineage and the Triple Gem you only harm yourself by creating negative karmic imprints in your mind.

Little over a decade ago many buddhists believed this boy was an incarnation of Buddha.


Their source was their own idealized judgement lacking the ability to see the true before the false. Hence the conditioned light of the false made them believe they were seeing the true (Buddha).

This boy, now a suspect in an ongoing case of sexual misconduct, rape and mysterious disappearance of students, is just one of these legion of Mara representatives infesting this world as to bring all the spiritually thirsty on a false path of spiritual self-destruction. Zen Buddhism is not the only branch of the original Buddhadharma that is having this setback currently and for some time ahead. Many other suffer from this spiritual anathema too.

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