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December 05, 2018


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"You’d swear that there exists a secret order of demons on this planet whose sole purpose is to ruin Buddhism or for that matter fuck over any authentic spiritual system!"

Yes there is, and one far sinister and evil than any human can ever imagine.

It is of course denied, characterized as mere conspiracy and fantasy and consequently as the evils of the world, presently more intense than ever, seem to dominate the every day life of most sentients on this planet, it is still denied, put aside and excused as the "evil of the human nature".

I can assure you that the surprise of those dying and awakening (rebooting their consciousness) in the bardo, are shocked to the very core of their "being", once they realize the extent and true power of said evil standing face to face with the utter fragility and embodied deeds of their own self-ignorance.

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