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November 21, 2018


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I also came across Soto's bigshot at that time, Togen Sumi, who was later arrested in LA for being a drag queen! It seems that he had been arrested with a whole gaggle of other guys in one of not-too-unusual homosexual busts of that time. Maezumi drove straight to the police station where he found Sumi in drag.

"One road I took showed me that Zen masters (in my case an abbot) could be fakes—just an old gay man looking for a young male. "

Yes, so did this "venerable master" Kai Hung in Taiwan. But he didn´t stop at one. He demanded entire orgies and a lot of coke.

Just one of a myriad examples today how Buddhism, as originally intended is guarded so poorly by those who should, and so valiantly by those who [essentially] shouldn´t.


Don´t you worry, even the putthus, not conscious of a single buddhist sutra, are now having their backs protected by Deepak Chopra and his latest app for fast enlightenment (read. making me richer and you dumber).

In true US fashion, with a good measure of a fiendish and efficient contemporary Indian conjob, where one is asked, "Hey buddy, skip the irreplaceable essentials and give me the short enlihtenment-for-dummies version", any average Joe can now wake up to his Alexa-flash, which in Deepak´s voice, tells him "what a joy joy day it is", and " why worry about the future, everything is just fine here and now?"

Spend a weekend in uninterrupted sutra study and meditation? Bah! Give me a dose of Chopra and I am all fine to go,,,heh.

As Mr. Chopra exclaims in the interview. “I never listen to my own voice, ever,” he says. “It makes me too self-conscious.” ROTFL.

You simply cant make this crap up.


I can find no fault.

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