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October 29, 2018


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Brother, your heart lacks nothing
Pure, radiant, fulfilled by its own nature
It was perfect from the very beginning.

N. Yeti:

Thank you for attending to my needs.

You stubborn fool
Can you not see kindness is a sword
Which cuts though the ego you cherish?
It does no good to pummel you
Your head is thick, your mind immune to pain
I think a demon king could not throw you.
So instead I use the demon of kindness
To shatter your defenses
And remind you to carry on.

It's all one big ego trip. Dreaming within a dream

Brother, Brother

Ha! Three lines in, and my head was cut clean off,
As blood gushed in every direction without much effort,
I felt like a child again; indeed, compassion is most wondrous!
But still I must ask, why would you think that I need your saving?

Brother, haven't you heard that things have always been,
Perfect just as they are? Why would you hand me a fist of yellow leafs,
When I have a wish-fulfilling gem of my own;
Please don't make things any worse.

Every single affliction within innumerable chiliocosms,
Is but a dot of light, animated by the grace of Mind;
Why would you have me commit further fault?
I manage quite well on my own, dear brother.

I have been down this road many times before, and here I am again.
And even before I heard of the Dharma in this life-time,
I had a most deep fascination with my own mind,
And received plentiful signs in the most vivid of dreams.

When I was a child of four or five years of age,
I would dream of levitating above my sleeping body,
Floating around the room and entering through its walls;
I was always excited about going to sleep,
And experiencing those states.

As a man in my late twenties, I decided to face my demons,
And progressed quickly through the teachings, as I was never satisfied,
And couldn't stand deceiving myself, like the ones I had met
On the Path. Feeling regretful and thinking thus: What a pity, what a pity!

And how can you show me a thing at all about my so-called fire?
Weren't you there when I almost punched through a wall once, in a fiery rage,
Before immediately sitting down to do zazen? And within a short while,
All signs were extinguished, and only lightness and joy remained.

A vastness beyond words, accompanied by a strange and awe-inspiring light,
Suspended in mid-air, as I showed my respects by not moving an inch,
Thinking to myself, and reflecting thus: How could this be?
How could this be?

But your words were quite a surprise, I must admit.
I never expected a love that sincere, and that love reminded me of a night,
In that worn-down little retreat shack, when we met for a brief while,
And shared an intimate moment under a moon ever so full,
And a night-sky quite spotless.

I heard of a good name that auspicious evening,
And have thought of it since. Do you remember, dear brother?
I'm inclined to assume that you do, since you already called out
A name of your own, in a verse filled with compassion and love.

I am in debt to your kindness and companionship, and will repay it all
ten-fold, from one kalpa to the next. But still I wonder, and need to ask:
Why would you inflict upon another, the need to do a single thing?
Whatever is perceived as affliction, is merely deception at best.

Why will you not let me sing a song of hardship and sorrow?
I would never have composed those lines, had I known I would have you
Thus fooled. After all, I declared victory over any grief I met in my travels,
And the monks I sat with under the Bodhi tree can attest to my verses.

Just go ahead and ask.

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