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October 23, 2018


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Another experience I had was sitting in a zendo during Seshin, listening to a dharma talk by my Zen teacher. As I was listening, my thoughts raced from extreme positive to extreme negative in a very fast pace until my mind exploded and I saw the connection of all things. I started laughing so hard and had to leave...

Every thing is connected, that's another important lesson that we forget in everyday life.

Please read the Heart Sutra for more about emptiness

Pure Mind = No body. Thoughts exist only as energy flowing in Mind. There is no bodhisatva in Pure Mind. The ego is clearly seen as empty devoid of any solid substance. Just streams of energy flowing around. If thoughts stop then only boundless awareness would exist. This is emptiness. Without a body there is no bliss. Therefore bliss is associated with the body which is Samsara which is the opposite of Nirvana. Nirvana is only the end of body and thinking. But is this a good thing? Not from the point of view of a human which is the product of body and mind.
So, we are left with the question what to do with life? That's a personal question which must be left to every individual. I choose to create art and contemplate life. And to enjoy it while it lasts.

N. Yeti,

Truly masterful and most eloquent

N. Yeti,

Your name is Dharmakara.

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