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October 16, 2018


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You've probably addressed this elsewhere, but I only recently came across your blog: What is the relationship of ordinary consciousness to the unconditioned? Ordinary consciousness feels vaguely unconditioned - that is, there is a sense of 'something' that is the same across my whole life. But, when I fall asleep, consciousness is absent, and so that which has a sense of something unconditioned is absent.

I think most people, when they think of the self or even the Self, think of their consciousness and/or personality. Consciousness is prior to personality, but the unconditioned must be prior to consciousness, since consciousness is not always present. I've heard that realized people can maintain awareness through deep sleep or being anesthetized, but I cannot relate this to anything in my own experience. What is this awareness that is unaffected by sleep, anesthesia, or even brain death?

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