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October 30, 2018


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Christian: Māra is a very big part of Buddhism. He is very much like the Christian devil, or should I say, the Christian devil is very much like Māra. I would argue, like so much of Christianity, it came from Buddhism and its missions that were sent to the west by emperor Ashoka and, for example, come to Alexandria, Egypt in the 3rd century BCE. I have reduced Buddhism to its original elements, namely, the conditioned (samsara and all of phenomenal existence including birth and death) and the unconditioned (nirvana, the tathagata, pure Mind, etc.). Māra represents the conditioned world and also the five aggregates (the anti-self) and our demonic attitude. The Buddha represents the unconditioned which rules over the conditioned world; trying to teach us the highest world.

I seem surrounded by people who do not understand this truth, and it makes my practice difficult becasue many Sanghas I visit seem to reinforce our conditioning and aggregates rather than exposing and explaining them to us.

I attend a local group that lets people speak at the end but no one is allowed to reply. This is done to create a "safe space". The only safe space it creates is for is their demons, like you described. It seems like everyone in the room wants to change the outside world instead of investigate and resolve their own clinging nature.

Thank you for this article.

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