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September 23, 2018


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Rod, how will you remove mental forms if dharmas cannot be captured? Awareness doesn't require a single thing, and differentiation is not its primary function, nor is it its natural function for that matter. Differentiation is imagined by wrong thinking. But please consider this: Why do you think of the "source" as an object? Asking how awareness of the "source" is different from awareness of other objects implies that you're approaching this as if the so-called "source" was a thing. It would perhaps be more helpful if you think of it as a union of awareness and "source." And while this still might sound like these are two different things where one observes the other; they are not. Since language is lacking in all matters pertaining to the subject at hand, all the buddhas of the past, present and future always warned people not to fall into the hells of expedient means.

Thank you sir.
How is the awareness of the source different from other awarenesses?

Awareness requires some form of differentiation. Is awareness itself a conditional arrangement between subject and object, each evoking the other?

Is not the non-dual ever empty of thingness? Is not form and emptiness the same?

Of what are we enlightened, if removing (mental)forms is required?

We are up a 40 foot pole, and the cow gives birth to a calf.
Where is anyone to step?

It appears sudden enlightenment both is and is not. Perhaps that is its very nature.

Sunyata and the stick. _/\_

I am likely your wrong, be careful.

(Nothing quite like nibbling on delicious chicken wings to classical violin. Well, this one says so, anyway)

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