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September 18, 2018


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David B.:

It appears you have knowledge of the phenomenon, as it is to this only that you refer. Have you acquainted yourself with the noumenon?

I recommend investigating the Shurangama sutra, specifically in regard to the aggregates (skandhas), which will be the first Buddhist sutra to disappear from the world before the Buddhadharma diminishes and is forgotten.

The mind only theory of later Buddhism is rejected by Buddha every time he talks about earth element, fire element, water element, air element. He believed in a version of atomism. To say there is only mind (or spirit) is as wrong as to say there is only matter. There is both. To jump from the materialist no-soul theory to a spiritualist no-matter theory is jumping from one fire to another. Oven to frying pan or the like.

The aggregates are matter, the self is spirit. The whole point of talking about anatta is to make the point that confusing them, conflating them, traps you in the cycle. Turning the aggregates into spirit is as much a mistake as turning the self into matter. The two are distinct.

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