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September 25, 2018


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How can you say anyone goes it alone? The mere fact that we are even able to cognize the most tangential thread of Buddhist discourse amid the howling tempest of Samsara is proof of the sustaining power of the Buddhas, and their vows to abandon no being. If one does not have the good fortune to meet a teacher who can point out their faults, one can still make due by reciting Namo Amitabha Buddha. It is said this phrase will be the last whisper of Buddhism to disappear from this world before the coming of Maitreya, long after all good teachers have entered parinirvana.

A good spiritual teacher of the Mind is there to confirm or reproach the spiritual evolution and forthcoming awakening of an apprentice, and in some cases, if needed in the early stages, coach and advice said apprentice towards said first awakening (for there are many beyond the first one).

The biggest job though, lies in the hands of the apprentice, to strive, endure and use all of his, or hers, spiritual focus in the great and often longstanding endeavour which finally with good merit and virtue, results in right knowledge and right release (from the future rebirths in samsara).

Anything else is just delusional imaginations of those who lack insight and trust in their own true nature which equals the Buddhadharma.

Good point, but must we beware of the subtle narcissism that creeps in when we believe we can go on with it on our own?

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