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September 26, 2018


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It seems very clear to me, and has for a long time, that every outer conflict whether it be war or a dragon shifting its weight to show its power and cause a calamity, is a reflection of the inward conflict in the confused and troubled hearts of living beings. Marxism? Bah! Corruption? Bah! What a mercy it is for it all to stop for a moment of unending bliss in Samadhi.

The likes of Zuckerberg serves this evil, and there are many like him, who serves a specific agenda slowly maturing, there to corrupt the mind and spirit of man by bringing out what in psychology is called "the dark triad", basically being an intersection of three of the most malevolent tendencies of human nature – psychopathy, narcissism, and machiavellianism. There are of course sadism, bottomless egoism, spitefulness, and much, much more but the above mentioned DT sickness drives the soul of man into an abyss, extremely hard if not impossible to recover from.

The evil created is almost incomprehensible and this link below show one such poor soul serving these masters of evil and how she tries to recover;


Smith: Yes! And with their utopian ideology comes hatred of the religious, especially, mysticism along with metaphysics and an aesthetic of beauty. What they believe most is perfection in life is to be attained not by changing one's self from within (seeing our Buddha-nature), but by changing society.

yes, completely true - marxism/cultural-marxism, aka 'political correctness, has effectively 'mind-conditioned'/corrupted, ; CORRUPTION OF EVERY aspect of our world today{replacing truth with manipulative lies. It is not only a perversion of the mind but also a ruthless pure power driven ideology that leverages multiple layers of lies, and divides along group identities to foment violent discriminatory conflict, aka WAR.

Examples are inumerable- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJaAfBOya6Q

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