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August 06, 2018


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That particular commentary passage comes from Bhikkhu Bodhi's translation of the Samyutta Nikaya. It was from a footnote. But I have two volumes of commentary from the Udana and two volumes from the Itivuttaka both translated by Peter Masefield. They are readily available from the Pali Text Society. They ain't cheap but worth the purchase. The commentaries are closer to our idea of exegesis (nītārtha, intelligible) which is opposed to eisegesis (neyārtha, guessed at) which means the interpreter injects his or her own ideas into the text.

What you quote from the commentary is interesting, because I was under the impression that the commentaries by BG are where the no-soul nonsense originated. Is this a commentary that doesn't come from Buddhaghosa? a commentary from before he lost his mind? or what? Also, I'm curious if you had to translate this from the Pali yourself or if you've found and Engliah translation of the commentaries. If in fact the commentaries say stuff like this, its no wonder translations are not made readily available.

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