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July 10, 2018


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N. Yeti:

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

‘The Buddha told Ananda, “The essential, true, wonderful brightness and perfect purity of basic enlightenment does not admit birth and death, nor any mundane defilements, nor even empty space itself. All these are brought forth because of false thinking.

”The source of basic enlightenment, which is wonderfully bright, true, and pure, falsely gives rise to the material world, just as Yajnadatta became confused about his head when he saw his own reflection.

”The falseness basically has no cause, but in your false thinking, you set up causes and conditions. But those who are confused about the principle of causes and conditions call it spontaneity. Even empty space is an illusory creation; how much the more so are causes and conditions and spontaneity, which are mere speculations made by the false minds of living beings.

”Ananda, if you perceive the arising of falseness, you can speak of the causes and conditions of that falseness. But if the falseness has no source, you will have to say that the causes and conditions of that falseness basically have no source. How much the more is this the case for those who fail to understand this and advocate spontaneity.

”Therefore, the Tathagata has explained to you that the fundamental cause of all five skandhas is false thinking.”’

N. Yeti:

What do you mean by falling back into wrong views?


Lately I have been meditating upon the doctrine of non-arising, and I confess though my conceptual basis is sound enough I am still having to remind myself constantly in practice. This sort of ongoing spiritual reflection is not without fruit but I am amazed at how easy it is to fall back into wrong views if one lacks care.

Thoughts cannot touch or enter the Pure Land of imageslessness. Thoughts cannot even arise in the presence of Vairocana. This is a very important point which I never see people bring up. Well, partially maybe. But most of us are quite stupid and refuse to make peace with the fact that thinking is the only barrier there ever was. And if that barrier is breached, meaning that if there is sudden cessation of volitional formations, then naturally there cannot exist any volitional formations if one happens to enter into the womb of the buddhas. So now, this means that whatever fruit of wisdom one feels they might have acquired, if said fruit was a result of various volitional formations, then it is not the same wisdom which shines forth by the inconceivable compassion of the Light of Mahayana.

One day, someone will probably erect a stupa somewhere in the mid-west.

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