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July 30, 2018


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adasatala; lovely

nembutsu, Jodo Shu Buddhism,https://www.wikihow.com/Recite-the-Nembutsu, The ancient practice of Nembutsu involves mindfulness of Amida Buddha, and the recitation of the sacred name, Namu Amida Butsu, which means “I follow/return back to Amida Buddha.”, A pure land is the celestial realm or pure abode of a buddha or bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism. The term "pure land" is particular to East Asian Buddhism (Chinese: 淨土; pinyin: Jìngtǔ) and related traditions; in Sanskrit the equivalent concept is called a "buddha-field" (Sanskrit buddhakṣetra). The various traditions that focus on pure lands have been given the nomenclature Pure Land Buddhism. Pure lands are also evident in the literature and traditions of Taoism and Bon.

like 'om namah shivaya'. the roots in hinduism, et al. nembutsu reminds me of my visit to monsefu, peru, and the curious similarities of the words.

My dead father was a degenerate gambler and a terrorizing drunkard. But he was also quite quick witted and charming, which he passed on to me.

After his death, when I would dream of him, I would scold him and tell him about Buddhism. However, a few years later, after travelling to my mother-land to do meditation at my grandmother's grave and also at the site where I lost my leg in the war, I met him in a dream while staying there and he was quite happy and relieved.

As for my sick and old mother, this last year she's been doing so much better and is almost off of all of her meds. She does her nembutsu every day and is always very excited when I go on retreat, and always asks me about Buddhism and meditation.

Sometimes I spontaneously enter into a most vivid visualization during meditation where I am in her womb again as a fetus radiating loving kindness in form of golden rays of light.

Transferring merit, ha! Like it was ever ours to keep. And why keep something that's of infinite nature? It will only get spolied and go to waste.

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