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July 25, 2018


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Hi Zennist,

What we see are just changing appearances, echos and reflexions. The True Nature shines pure, and even when we saw It, that is not enough to destroy the eons-long-formed karmic forces that move us. If somebody thinks he "got it", he immediately loses the Way.

Those stories about monks-sexual predators that made you wondering, are like examples when a person with good roots get overcomed by ignorance and desire. Besides the deserved consequences for their actions, those persons are to pity.

By the way the whole Surangama Sutra was delivered because Ananda, Buddha's personal attendant, the closest to Buddha monk, almost broke his precepts in a courtisans' house (saved by Manjusri). And because Ananda realized after that that his understanding and practise are far from correct. Please have look at the sutra - it is one of the most important.

All the best!

Among the epithets for the Buddha is demolisher of dharmas. That is not an easy sell at today's Zen centers in the West, where people are so entrenched in materialistic ways there can be little convincing anyone of the necessity to renounce the things which prevent dhyana. No one is saying it's easy to tame passions, but how can anyone break Mara's grasp without being willing to let go of the three poisons?

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