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June 17, 2018


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sakkāya—diṭṭhi is being translated "identity view" despite sakkāya meaning "existing body." sakkāya—diṭṭhi is then clearly the view that the existing body is the self. The existing body is, of course, exactly what is proclaimed to be anatta.

Yeah, it's quite sad! And actually, this dilemma reminds me of the another problem we're facing, where we have people saying that there's no need for practice, just because some old monk tried telling people about Pure Mind a long time ago, and now everyone immediately says they don't need put forth any effort what so ever, since everything is perfection as it is, LOL. What a load of horse-shit. Those who have planted innumerable seeds of goodness under countless Buddhas have a higher affinity with the teaching, and might have their minds open up in full bloom just by encountering a single utterance of the Dharma. But this is not the case for the rest of us. There's work to be done! But the work cannot commence without the establishing of Correct View, and Correct View cannot arise if people maintain these opinions.

And besides, which monk was it, in that one case, who said, "It's not that there aren't any practices, it's just that it cannot be defiled" (paraphrasing)? Ordinary people don't get to say things like that. Whoever has had the blessing of going through a similar experience to that of the monk in question, on their own accord, might perhaps offer up a word or two of their. But only after investigating that experience, or those experiences, to their fullest.

Some people think they've accomplished something, just because of false thinking :(
And some people think there's nothing special about the teaching, because of false thinking :(

In today´s snowflake climate, permeating most universities, treat a "no-selfer" as an IT and they will take offense.

Slap them in the face, and they will whine about the deed against their person.

Remind them of their belief, and they will deny the ignorance.

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