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June 25, 2018


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The real question I have is why can't the dark side build a "death star" without the same vulnerability that allows it to get blown up in almost every movie. It's very predictable.
But seriously, I think it's a metaphor for nuclear weapons. The popularity of the movie helped increase the arms race with the U.S.S.R. in the 80's

N. Yeti:

Namo Amitabha Buddha

I believe we are witnessing the march toward the decay of this mind realm and the inevitable decline of Buddhism until the appearance here of Maitreya who awaits in the Tushita heaven. There are many signs and omens of this for those with the wisdom to understand. Demonic/ghostly manifestations have been on the rise dramatically, and credible accounts of this are widely available.

For those who think of demons or ghosts in Buddhism (the trivial names given to these entities are not important) as mere psychological manifestations of a mundane sort, such as bad dreams or any of various mood disorders or mere biochemical imbalances that might easily be dealt with by taking a pill or undergoing psychotherapy, this will make no sense. However it is very clear from the Buddhist scriptures that we are not to understand such entities as disturbances of thought or mood, but as actual beings which are born or spontaneously appear in any of various heavenly or earthly realms, and who are vastly more intelligent than any human and have the power to possess or introduce thought although they may not be able to perceive exactly what humans think or to manipulate anyone who adheres in a very disciplined way to the practice of wisdom. It is precisely for this reason that those who progress along the spiritual path are assailed by demons (and there are multiple records to attest to this), because to attain unsurpassed enlightenment is akin to demolishing the world in which they transit and destroy the pleasure and subsistence they obtain from the outflows of ignorance – much to the detriment of sentient beings. Knowledge of this should not cause fear. Indeed, there are ample teachings even from living masters who explain how to blind Mara. The greatest protection, as I understand it, is to cleave to the precepts and devoted practice, and to endeavor to close the sense doors. There are also the protective emanations of the Buddhas who have vowed to make this available, and the Shurangama mantra for example has inconceivable power. Demons would not dare approach lest their heads explode. However, by discarding the teachings of the Buddhas one also discards their protection, and falls into evil ways.

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