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June 15, 2018


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It seems r/Buddhism has basically gone the way of Zen Forum International -- a site aimed at proliferating the delusions of those who fall into demonic states. Hopefully there is a noble disciple of the Buddha somewhere reciting the Shurangama mantra on their behalf.

I was really suppressed before long time on Dharma wheel, this website is complete oppression and they are so fake and their infos about Buddhism is laughable, the problem is there is no freedom in that website, and they always force Buddhism the way they wanted, I posted comment thanks God, and guess what I was offended people in that website, most western buddhist is pathetic an so unbuddhist, they hate soul and God, they really have problem, its getting boring with them

This is a very pessimistic view of life. It's better to encourage people to be creative and productive. To Work for the sake of helping ourselves and others. Enjoy life and be happy

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