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May 01, 2018


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Good Adastala, that just ain’t right

Jumping up on saints some dark night

You might keep your sword polished each night

But five on one is no fair fight

Last saturday night, in a dream, I was opening a portal through a wall with my mind, with energy flowing through my hands while uttering Namo Amitabha Buddha, in order to try and make a door. Through the portal, only golden but coloful radiance was visible. Then I scolded people for dismissing the Buddha's miraculous power. LOL!

Later that morning, I booked a cabin in a remote mountain location, with no electricity or neighbours for miles, for 6 nights. If I see Manjushri, I'll punch his lights out.

Thanks for your insight. Keep the faith!

I find it helpful to understand the rope-snake metaphor as the twin-fold nature of delusion. There is not just the superimposition of the snake (a positive delusion), there is the concealment of the rope (a negative delusion). In other words, as described in the OP, it is not enough to recognize the snake is falsely imagined, one must remove the delusions which conceal the true nature of the rope.

Keep on keeping on, old timer!

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