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May 13, 2018


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Don’t feel bad, there’s worse than that!

Just look at what Nansen did to the cat

Or what about Ananda who vowed no hurt

But still couldn’t keep his eyes off a skirt?

If that’s not enough to unburden you

Remember the guy who stole Bodhidharma’s shoe!

When, during meditation, your mind expands to the outer edges of the universe, and everything gets taken away from you, you will face your karma with such intensity that your entire being will quiver from being overcome with a force of that magnitude. Here, you can lose yourself and fall victim to the deepest fears of your mind, or you can maintain focus and subdue limitless maras, and then perhaps have some lunch. In which case, later that night, you will have dreams of being atop beautiful green hills and mountains, or maybe you will be looking at a beautiful night-sky, filled with breath-taking stars and quasars of all colors, or perhaps you will dream of the moon or the sun, all while in a great and calm awe.

N. Yeti:

Shortly there-after,
I regretted what I had said;
I would never touch a single blue hair,
on the young Prince's beautiful head.

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