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April 11, 2018


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Bill: Thanks for the response. Your story is tragic. I am of the belief that there are more like us out there who see something very out of kilter with today's Zen. But what can we do about it except to stop it from growing? It appears to be coming from postmodernism and all this term implies which is not good. In other blogs, I have mentioned that instead of people conforming to Zen Buddhism (not in an absolutely strict sense), Zen Buddhism has to conform to them. So they end up never really changing. It is as if they are saying "Please, no challenges. I don't have the time to change. Just show me how to do seated meditation." So it's something like a smorgasbord, pick what you want from Zen Buddhism. Leave the rest. In that regard, kenshō, seeing one's true nature, is almost a joke these days which happens to be the telos of Zen!

i appreciate the distinctions youve made here.
My background is I trained with Maizumi Roshi from the early seventies and was abbot and teacher of the Santa Monica Zen Center for 19 years.
Unfortunately in my experience Zen in the west has become a home for postmodernism. Wrapped in phony compassion and lacking a clear moral compass its become a left wing religion. Once the smell of the dog poop became obvious I mistakenly set out to put in correction I ultimately closed the Santa Monica Zen Center and left the White Plum asangha.
Like a cancerous limb postmodernism has to be cured or cut off. After failing to make any headway with a cure I opted to cut it off . Infecting others with postmodernism disguised as Zen was no longer a way forward.

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