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March 20, 2018


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Adasatala points skillfully to the fundamental non-existence of error: will sentients use their Buddha nature to listen?

Each ounce of it is like a blow with the staff from Dayu.

Adasatala: Nothing like madhupāyāsaṁ!

Also, the sad state of confusion which results from not having enough faith that there is this light of Mind, is in a cruel way a display of that same light of Mind as well, LOL. So called ignorance or laick of faith, or whichever predicament, doesn't negate this light of Mind, but rather just displays it's miraculous wish fulfilling nature in that condition as well. There's no escaping it or not understanding it. Not understanding the light of Mind is the light of Mind. There is no hiding it. We're deceived into thinking that it is hidden because of the belief that there's only this "not understanding", which is a foolish and one-sided view, since a state of not understanding cannot manifest of it's own accord. Not understanding is also due to the compassionate nature of the Light of Mind. There is however a lacking of a certain intimate element, and that lacking is the source of our miserable state, which in my opinion is the true mystery.

What is the intimate gift that one girl gave Shakyamuni? And how can one teach that intimacy? The sutras sure tried their best, LOL.

There's been so much silliness since that Prince way back when left that palace. Moving our hands and feet is such fun! Like blowing soap bubbles in the wind. A wish-fulfilling gem! Getting more intimate with said gem however, in a dream-like but lucid state during either sleep or meditation, is so fucking kick-ass. Seven billion radiating golden buddhas filling empty space and vibrating in unison as a huge sun-like sphere emerges and shines with golden rays of healing and awe inspiring beauty. But from where? Words and letters? LOL, we're such nonsensical creatures. Every single mental action equals to reciting the sutras in the end. Every single little thing within consciousness is a blessing of Mind. Every single little thing is a wish fulfilled without the source ever drying up. Spending a life without entering the sangha is a waste of a life indeed. I've cried over this so many times. I love you, you old bastard. Hope you're doing well.

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