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March 19, 2018


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That's a description for someone just starting zazen, though, isn't it? How about it when zazen is not fighting off sleep, staying focused, keeping the back erect and dealing with pain? How about it when zazen is a greater love than the love a young mother has towards her beautiful newborn child? How about all the love songs written about zazen by those silly old ragged hermits? Nothing in this funny world can compare to the love of zazen. The love we humans share is fleeting and shallow. The love of zazen is both deep and lingering. And it spreads and infects everything. Fucking jhana junkies, LOL! But the power of healing displayed in zazen is not to be neglected. It is the most effective medicine ever, for every illness imaginable, and it is a natural function of Mind. But it being a mere function means that there is need for either a condition or a conduit for it to initiate and release. So in that sense, it is of course not an ultimate thing of any sorts. But the vast majority will need the medicine of zazen in order to be able to power through all of the afflictions and diseases accumulated throughout countless aeons. Zazen becomes a hell-hole when the ultimate is forgotten and zazen is taken to be the end all be all. In my opinion, this is how it should be thought, with that warning clearly stated. Which certain Zen Masters have tried doing, but to little or no avail. No cunt should have ever equated zazen to Buddhahood. But perhaps he should have said that is somewhat closer to Buddha's neighbourhood? LOL. It is a gift of the immaculate miracle of Mind, and the most intimate example of its miraculous function. But that function is not Mind itself, just like the source of water is not the well and the well is not the source of water either.

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