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February 21, 2018


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Yeti: The greater our ability to resuscitate those who are flatlined the greater our knowledge base, things that the current model have no power to explain. For Buddhism this means that maybe 15% of the people who have been resuscitated are going to become devas/Western paradise (experience svarga/heaven). Can they be reborn into lower realms? Yes, by getting too attached to configurations failing to prefer the unconditioned over configurations, even heavenly ones. Seeing that even these worlds are only Mind is not to reject them so much as it is to become their protector/nātha. Why take a nose dive into the all-too-human cesspit again which, currently, is in a stage of degeneration with a huge pedophile ring at the top!? By the way, what I did in 1976 is to experience an NDE, you could say! I was strong and healthy at the time—not weak or dying. Yes, all is a huge configuration of Mind. Still, it's more important to connect with Mind than its infinite display of configurations.


What of the blind woman who in her out of body NDE recovered "sight" and was accurately able to describe her surroundings while the medical team worked to revive her. Her perceptions were confirmed by the attending doctor. This case is documented and cited op. cit.

I think it should also be mentioned for those who do remember these events, there tends to be a complete loss of fear surrounding death, a real change in outlook, a kind of lasting relief that life's appearances are not quite as real as they seem.

I think those teachers who refuse to teach karma and rebirth are doing their students a great disservice, hindering them from seeing the very natural truth of what it means to live and die. If you can look at your life as merely a passing scene, one of many to follow, with no fear of death or loss whatsoever, would it not be easier to simply let go of the various hindrances and poisons that bind us to samsara?

Yeti; You seem confused about my beliefs and obsessed with whether I believe in post-mortem rebirth (transmigration). First, I don’t believe that consciousness is localized to the brain. And I don’t believe that consciousness is a by-product of the brain, nor do I believe that the body is a by-product of consciousness.

Regarding NDEs, they are interesting, but don’t prove transmigration.

n. yeti: Most all NDEs reveal that memory is not stored in the brain along with language and the incorporeal body, itself, which supersedes the reality of the bodily life.

Well, Clyde, as long as you are interested in scholarly articles, why not take a peek at this from the medical journal Lancet, by Pim van Lommel.

It discusses the scientific body of data regarding near death experience (NDE), which counters your theory of nihilism regarding the bodily death.

Specifically it attacks the notion that consciousness is localized to the brain, and ceases when the brain ceases to function.


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