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February 14, 2018


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I've been enjoying Hsuan Hsua's commentaries lately, finding them very helpful for engagement with the sutras in our modern age. Here is a little excerpt from his commentary on the Heart Sutra and on various retributions (in Chinese I understand this can mean both reward or retribution in the negative sense) experienced in this life. The first example below describes to my mind at least one world leader, who seem driven to conflict like Asuras:

"Perhaps a particular person really has wisdom, or another really has good roots. With respect to good roots and wisdom there are two types of people. First are those who have wisdom and no good roots. What are those people like? Most of them are weird ghosts and monstrous demons who have come into the world as people. They were mountain essences who after a long time as old spirits and ghosts became capable of eating people, and when they died, they were able to be reborn as people possessed of a little bit of intelligence.
Compared to most people they are intelligent, but they muddle up everything they do – their activities are not at all intelligent. They do whatever is harmful, and, without exception, they lack propriety. Everything that is most harmful to people and disruptive to the order of society is what they want to do. Such people, the ones who have some wisdom but no good roots, seem only to be afraid that the world won’t be in disorder."

"The second kind, those who have good roots but no wisdom, are those who in their lives exclusively performed good deeds but did not study the sutras. As a consequence they don’t have much wisdom; in fact, they are very stupid."

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