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November 28, 2017


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for additional consideration;

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yeti, and all: the following link from a Christian perspective regarding this subject- being versus becoming - called the aseity of God, and expounded upon by RC Sproul(master theologian, and philosopher par excellence), may give greater insight into this topic. Its a discussion about the deepest contemplation of the nature of all truth, and for Christians the unfathomable and infinite identity of God.


I perceive mind doesn't become anything even though appearances are continuously changing. I don't think it is a question of "proving" anything.

The Buddha likened this like a firebrand wheel seen at night. What is seen as a wheel is an illusion created by the movement of the firebrand from one point to the next; existence is like this because what is seen to be moving is merely an illusion. Similarly with a river, which remains contiguous, even though so much water has appeared to flow past. Mind is like this because it has not changed in spite of so many thoughts, feelings, and perceptions which appear to flow from it.

How do I know this? The same senses which create this illusion can be used as instruments to halt the illusion. For example, between the arising of sounds there is silence; the silence is unchanging, even if one hears only the sounds. There is only the appearance of noise momentarily. The silence did not “become” noise, one has merely perceived sound arising from a field of silence. The reverse is also true for silence, which can be thought of as the lack of sound; if there were no sound there would not be silence, so categories of noise and silence don't really apply at all; what is there is mind. So it is with existence or non-existence.

Whether what is heard is the noise or the silence, whether one sees a river or a firebrand, the mind does not become anything. Through inner contemplation it is possible in this way to use the mind like a mirror to see that which is perceived, indeed existence itself, is very much like a firebrand, a river, or noise in these examples: appearances rising and falling within an unchanging field of mind.

Thus, I hold it is beyond the category of becoming anything at all, even though it appears to do so continuously.

"it is free of all categories of becoming."

And you have proven this beyond any shred of doubt, how?

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