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November 22, 2017


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I have noticed the past years that even veteran Buddhists have a hard time distinguishing between Mind and Consciousness.

A Zen "Giant" like Tsung Mi tried to make the difference clear and even went hardcore on the consciousness only propagators within the Buddhist Community, but alas the latter has dominated and survived till this day, while Mind Only has shrunk dramatically.

What we have from this "perversion" of the original buddha-dharma is among a few things Buddhist authors whom been almost immortalized as sources by their community of scholars, propagating the consciousness only side, where the absurdity of this ingrained delusion even goes so far that the term Bodhi (or bodhicitta) is likened to "awakened thought", or "Enlightened Consciousness". You can´t make this stuff up.

The latter cannot suffuse, much less permeate anything at all, because contrary to Mind and its powerful singular essence, it is not a LIFE FORCE able to animate anything at all. It is merely an arisen field of perception of various qualities, depending on the active filters (read senses). Different beings in Samsara possess various forms of this consciousness, all depending on their karmic propensities.

The contemporary materialism that currently evolves into a technocratic society of artificial intelligence and consciousness pursuit will not make this delusion easier. It is certainly here to stay, with a new clergy, ready to fool the masses by the millions with experiences of augmented consciousness, all produced as proof of enlightenment and happiness.

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