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November 08, 2017


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The keisaku will always be needed until we awake and ask no questions, have no thought, and post no Blogs. Gasshō

What do you expect? They are being taught by weird and freakish monks like Dosho Port who deny karma and rebirth.

Nice thoughts—so true. I never liked postmodern thought in which I include nihilism. Those who came to it were like calfs still on the teat of humanist Marxism from the Second International.

Nihilism is modern man's opium, the religion of defeatism and mental mediocracy, unalloyed charlatinism and sophistry which sometimes poses as "philosophy". It has not the slightest logical, philosophical or scientific basis but it serves as a kind of self-justification or self-gratification much like the "sour grapes" of the fable: "my life seems meaningless and too complex for my intelligence, therefore it must be the same for everyone else and for the whole universe itself". Such a person simply refuses to "see correctly" the world as it "really is" and the order the permeates things.

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