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September 24, 2017


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Yeti: One thing becomes obvious with kensho is that the corporeal body is illusory (as is the world that it dwells in) whereas the body that animates it is fundamental. Unfortunately, if we do not realize it we end up following the phantom body including consciousness/vijnana. Yes, rebirth is hazardous.


Ch'an commentaries not infrequently remind students that if "one is off by an inch at the start, they will be off by a mile down the road" or something to that effect.

Today's Zen schools have been wandering off path for a long time, but it is still surprising to me how prominent teachers such as James Ford and Dosho Port can so boldly and publicly slander the Buddha's teachings such as those on karma and rebirth simply because "most people don't believe in them".

Thank you for your indefatigable efforts to uphold continuously the most basic principles of Zen practice, in an age where there are increasingly few monks who have the discipline or spiritual insight to do so.

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