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August 22, 2017


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Yeti; Take care and be well.


“What one teaches, transgresses; for the truth (tattva) is beyond words.”

(Lankavatara Sutra chap. IX)

Yeti; I’m glad you’re familiar with the verses.

If you believe in Mind Only, where can anyone, Buddhas or ordinary people, go – for wherever you point is fundamentally, ultimately Mind? Or do you believe in the duality of the Conditioned and Unconditioned?

Both the Zennist and I have shared some personal history. What’s your background? And who was/is your Zen teacher(s)?


Thank you, I am familiar with these verses.

The basic premise of Buddhism is that the cycle of birth and death is not a limitation for the Tathagata. For sentient beings, however, the wheel still turns due to the production of karma, and rebirth in one form or another is assured.

What you seem to be implying is that because the Tathagata is freed from rebirth, the cycle of birth and death does not pertain to sentient beings. That is a very arrogant and misguided view.

I think you should ask Reb Anderson for your money back.

Well, I’ll offer you these snippets from the Aggi-Vacchogotta Sutta (To Vacchagotta on Fire), but I recommend reading the whole short sutta :

“A 'position,' Vaccha, is something that a Tathagata has done away with.”

“Freed from the classification of consciousness, Vaccha, the Tathagata is deep, boundless, hard to fathom, like the sea. 'Reappears' doesn't apply. 'Does not reappear' doesn't apply. 'Both does & does not reappear' doesn't apply. 'Neither reappears nor does not reappear' doesn't apply.”


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