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June 20, 2017


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Smith: Buddhism's claim is not that all of mankind was originally enlightened then mysteriously lost it. Far from it. I am saying that religions at one time did not believe in an external deity or God who, from his throne, so to speak, created heaven and earth. The religious founders realized the One (non-dual) who taught this realization to others. Over time these religions became corrupted.

again, given your claim -buddhisms claim- that originally there was the one, the perfect truth, the uncorrupted, why then or rather how then did the ocean of samasara ever come to be? did the corrupted enter into, did suffering and non-truth come to be? when, why, and how? clearly they came form somewhere, and the only preexisting something of which this samsaric can have come is then from the one, the perfect, the unblemished that always is was and will be, how can ignorance did ignorance come from perfect truth?

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