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May 29, 2017


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I am from Europe (Germany). Let me assure you that rape, robbery and murder are punished here, and Muslims do not get away with them either.

Anyone seeking refuge in samsara will surely be disappointed by something.

I knew a few Muslim while I was in college.

Some of them committed date rape on Asian and white female classmates I used to know. Koran says it is OK for Muslim to rape, murder and steal from infidels and non-believers. So don't kid yourself.

They just wait until their population becomes a majority in the West, then they will tell you to CONVERT or DIE!

Of course, in my experience, most Westerners are too stupid to see this.

I knew a Muslim grocer who purposely sold (not sure if he still owns a store at this moment) me tainted meat which he should have thrown out after the expiration date.

You see, for him, I was just another infidel..........in his eyes, there is NO morality issue when dealing with non-Muslims. He could care less if I or you get food poisoning. And that makes him and the Muslim like him 'dangerous'....

The Zennist's words are golden, but to you dimwitted infidels, these advises mean nothing.


The current American mindset about empirical evidence is that "If it sounds like a fact, then it is a fact."

The derivative outcome of any such mindset, prone to any form of such an incipient and reductive form of stupefying supposition, is at best quite dangerous, to say the least.

It serves as a foundation for sheer corruption, and self-annihilation. Simply put it is a path of entropy that never ends well for any individual, group, or even nation.

Your article about the Islamic threat, and especially it´s historical background, is indeed valid on all points, though in reality, things were much, much worse, considering the false base of what is deemed as a mere offshoot of that artificial religion and Deity known as the God of Abraham.

The expansion of Islam and the Islamophobic reactions are a mere contemporary anaphylactic shock in the human psyche towards something that it "spiritually" has started to realize is unreal, and belonging to a karmic part of its biological history no longer in line with its present position as an evolving civilization.

Before the presence of the first enlightenment, evolution is always painful wherever it takes place. This is as valid whether it takes place in a spiritual reality within the realm of the True and liberated Mind, or in the external phenomenological spatio-temporal continuum based mind.

It is the letting go of what I addressed as incipient and reductive forms of stupefying suppositions about what True Reality, and that which comes with it, really is.

Yeti: So have I, many times (blue collar Muslims). They are secular Muslims like most Christians. It still doesn't change the Quran and the fact that there are fanatical Quran thumping Muslims who kill in the name of Allah. Islam needs a reformation; it needs to leave literalism and not repeat history.

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