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April 26, 2017


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Excellent article,

When one deeply and correctly reflects on this koan “Before your father and mother were born, what was your original face?”,

There is no other place to go!..........you are 'IT' :)


assuming that you are right, original face and original nature are were enlightened bliss Buddha(words used by buddhism), then the bigger ultimate question is this: Why has did that nature fall to the present level of delusion, ignorance, unawareness that is the world that we live in on the earth for millennia?? Why did buddha pure mind create the darkness of delusion, lies, that which is NOT enlightened mind?? Are we to believe that enlightened pure buddha mind in its wisdom saw creating delusion to be Good?? or useful? are we to suppose it to be a means to a higher end?? to evolve to a higher than original mind?? I think not. Buddhism has no answer that is coherent to this question. It makes no sense, because it cannot sensibly answer with a coherent reason that ignorance comes from bliss. Is Buddha mind creator of the universe, including physical and non-physical dimensions? is it omniscient, omnipotent? assuming it is fully realized, fully aware, why would it ever create or come form it anything but the same?? did it get bored? no, by definition that's impossible. did it seek higher? no, again , impossible, then what and why there is no rationale or coherent answer. Which is the real problem for Buddhism as a world view, a religion, a full perspective of the truth and reality in total.

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