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April 23, 2017


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A teacher is not necessary insofar as each of us has the Buddha-nature but which, unfortunately, is buried under a lot of misconceptions, karmic impressions and cultural programming. Your goal is to see this nature, directly, face-to-face. It is ubiquitous, like the air we breathe—but we suffer from a kind of spiritual amnesia with regard to it. To show you the depth of this amnesia virtually all humans have no idea what animates their corporeal bodies because they've over-attach to the corporeal (the conditiond/samskrita). When you personally seek out this Buddha-nature which is hidden within you, that is process of detaching from the corporeal.

I have no teacher. I am trying to do this on my own. All I have are my books and my meditation, and what I hope is a continuous practice through my day. Is this enough, or am I just spinning my wheels?

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