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March 01, 2017


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I find what I wrote above needs to be corrected. Further meditation and investigation - and the first sutta of the majjhima nikaya as well as the first sutta of the samyutta nikaya - have revealed that it is neither by letting go nor by controlling that bodhi is attained. Rather we must have a higher penetrative insight reaching equally into both sides of such dualities, including for instance giving into desire vs. repressing desire.

The problem is the false equation of shoshin (beginner's mind) with mushin (satori). This (the counterfeit-dharma of the modern age) completely undermines the necessity of first passing through zanshin (satipatthâna, the activation of the superior controlling principle) and fudoshin (the stoic and neoplatonic apatheia/ataraksia/haplosis) to obtain mushin, the paradoxical designation of bodhi. To use a parable: you must become a king first in order to renounce your kingdom; there is no selflessness without finding first the sovereign self, there is no spontaneity and letting go without first achieving perfect control.

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