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March 20, 2017


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I would like to quote from the paper "Mysticism and mathematics: Brouwer, Gödel, and the common core thesis" by Mark van Atten and Robert Tragesser.


"Rucker (...)asked Gödel 'how best to perceive pure abstract possibility'. Gödel says that, first, you have to close off the other sense, for instance, by lying down in a quiet place, and, second, you have to seek actively. Finally ,

The ultimate goal of such thought, and of all philosophy, is the perception of the Absolute[...] When Plato could fully perceive the Good, his philosophy ended.

Therefore, according to Gödel, doing mathematics is one way to get into contact with that Absolute. Not so much studying mathematics as such, but studying it in a particular frame of mind."

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