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March 16, 2017


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The MUI theory also reminds me very much of Jacob von Uexkuhl b.1864 - d.1994 who applied Kantian idealism to biology and considered that all species have their own built-in world - umwelt - which cannot be generalized to other species.

Also if desire and craving are the root of all suffering and illusion and the main structure of the world we may yet ask the question what world is there, what remains, once the mind has been purified and all craving extinguished...can we call this the pure land or dhammakaya.
If nature as we know it with its predator-prey system, its suffering, sickeness, old age and death - is the product of a fundamental negative degenerative force - craving, desire, selfish competitive struggle for existence aspiring towards fitness - we may ask if there was ever an unfallen nature, a primordial nature before such a force was deployed. I recommend the work of Michael Cremo - Human Devolution.

I find it astonishing that Hoffman discusses Kant but does not even mention Schopenhauer, a philosopher with which he shares a profound affinity; both can be described as idealist pessimism. The following is definitely worth a read:


This also might lend support to the view that the validity of Hoffman's system does not depend on adopting a specifically
darwinist or neo-darwinist theory of evolution. Rather the fact of generalized suffering in nature -the phenomena of predation, hunger, striving, struggle, competition and elimination by the environment - are in themselves already extremely significant...

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