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March 22, 2017


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yeti: revise and add - ad-hominen attack: see last comment. bravo. the mirror is calling you.


Am I my brother’s keeper?
What is clear is you seek help sifting through your delusions. However, goading others with these kinds of challenges is a rather petulant way to go about it, is it not?

Instead of issuing challenges where the likely outcome is that you will get crushed, why not instead ask humbly, openly, what it is you seek to learn or understand? You don’t offend me with your sad taunts, you merely heap bad karma upon yourself and sow the seeds of spiritual confusion. The world is filled with people like you.

Perhaps you don’t yet understand that Buddhism is not an external path. There are boundless teachings but no one, not even a Tathagata, can enlighten you. You must enlighten yourself.

Pure mind is uncreated, and that is why among the countless names of the Buddha there is the “unborn”. Even "mind" is not an adequate term. Any answer, any method, any experience, these are created things, falsely understood as the real when they are like thousands of tiny reflections spinning from the prism of luminous mind. You want answers? Lift your hands over your head and hoot like a goblin. There! Now you have seen the power of mind. The problem is you have no idea what it is much less how to use it. No wonder you are so confused and lost.

These challenges of yours, these questions, like any attempt didactic reason, have flaws because they presuppose truth, pure, spiritual truth, can be sub-divided into neat little categories like vegetables at the green grocer. Any answers you get will be of limited use, only helpful to orient you to where you must look and support your faith to drop your attachments and cherished views and instead encounter reality as it is. At the end of the day any confusion you have is self-created and the remedy for your spiritual sickness will come only in measure of how willing you are to drop your pretenses and presuppositions and attempt to fathom that vast immeasurable and inscrutable mystery that IS prior to your every breath. And that, my dear friend, is merely the beginning, like learning to drag yourself on the floor like an infant who has observed others do the unimaginable. Maybe if you are successful at that you will learn to walk and even run.

Instead here you are like a petulant child demanding others solve your problems for you. Again, I am not my brother’s keeper. Who am I to solve your spiritual exercises? Sort it out for yourself, or live out your life in this world until it inevitably ends, and you with it, along with everything you cherished or held dear, even your deep held religious convictions which strike me, I must say, as poorly hinged and rather confused. Will anything I say make any difference? I think not. You have convinced yourself you have the answers, and claim to be satisfied with them. What more need be said? I have better things to do than argue with a fool.

yeti: changing the subject is a strawman fallacy. evidence of weakness or failure to be able to respond to the question and subject being discussed - buddhist apologetics on essential questions is non-existent on essential questions of meaning and or existential foundations. I understand why you had to do that though.. Clearly.

Smith, I have no interest in convincing you of anything. It seems you have already convinced yourself.

yeti: that gives no explanation whatsoever as to why the cosmos, let alone how the cosmos. 'the mind' being created? for what purpose? how? Buddhism cannot answer these questions. was 'the mind' lonely? did the 'mind' need something? etc. etc.

with all due respect to the 'nothingness' supposition, clearly 'something' proves the fallacy of those whom believe in that. Nothing comes from Nothing. But clearly we are proof of something.Buddha in his awareness certainly wasnt promoting a philosophy of word games either. Buddhists speak and think of Buddha as God. Buddha wisely stated that he was not God and did not want his followers to create a religion based upon himself. But that is precisely what happened. Buddha though realizing transcendentally awareness and blissfully, still was not the full knowledge of that which creates the universe, as well as the spiritual realms(non-material) the non-material, spiritual nature, must preexist the material otherwise the latter could never become.

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