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January 24, 2017


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If I am not mistaken...even though Gotama is said to have promised Sunakkhatta no miracles, nevertheless various sutras report that Gotama taught that diligent practice confers superhuman abilities, and Gotama makes such claims even in the sermon in which he criticizes Sunakkhatta's apostasy. Moreover Sunakkhatta's denunciation of Gotama apparently occurred shortly after the massacre of the Sakya clan, which Gotama could not prevent despite trying, despite the supposed ability of a sage to multiply and `become many'. Sunakkhatta may have foolish to expect miracles. But the sangha is not exactly a meeting of the skeptic's society, if you catch my drift.

Regarding your radio analogy, Sunakkhatta was said to have experienced visions as a fruit of diligent practice but complained to Gotama that he never experienced supranormal sounds.

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