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January 03, 2017


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Hello,according to my knowledge, most religious traditions have some form of prayer or meditation and while beliefs vary surrounding prayer and meditation, for many it has provided solace, comfort and reflection. While it might be hard to know where to start on your own or if prayer has historically been an oppressive experience for you, there are some GLBTQ friendly resources if you are curious about beginning again. Kirpal Singh

You have accurately described what many people think they will get out of Zen and meditation: mostly it's to "calm" themselves down so they can continue to indulge in whatever it is that is making them sick in the first place. I discovered further that many who join a Buddhist sangha get very uncomfortable indeed when the guru starts talking about the Buddhist precept involving sexual misconduct. For some reason, being able to indulge in all kinds of sexual exploits is, for many people in the West, an inalienable right, a sign of being "liberated". This teaching goes right over their heads. They close their ears.

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