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October 23, 2016


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Any further comments, superfluous.


Its the globalism. It views people as mere cogs in the machine. People now only have value as a "workforce" for the invisible global government. Your life is not viewed as having any intrinsic value but only for how much the shadow government can exploit you economically.

Every country in the world has been Westernized so when you say "the West has become evil" you really are saying "the world has become evil". Rammstein weren't wrong when they sang, "We're all living in America."

China is "as evil" or worse than the USA as a political force (look at what it's doing in Africa, practically old skool style colonialism). Japan was, too, when it had the chance (before it got castrated by Uncle Sam.)

You wrote: "Buddhism for China thus proves to be superior to the Marxist’s limited view of the world" -

I don't know, man... the popular Buddhism that is being "reawakened" in China is not the kind you're talking about. Most people pray to Buddha in the same way people pray to God: they pray for a better career, to have male children, to have good luck on a journey...

Nothing wrong with that of course, but your post gives the impression that there's some kind of authentic spiritual awakening in China and everyone who follows what's going on there, knows this is not the case, unfortunately.

I am in contact with people from Japan, India, USA, Europe, and I can say, with confidence, that it's the same shit everywhere, more or less.

The authentic inquiry into the Self is something undertaken by a few - it will always be a rare thing and never become popular. A good country is not a country that embraces Buddhism. State and religion should always be separated.

A good country is a country that allows its citizen freedom to pursue their own interest (so, this excludes countries like China) and also a country that has some social safety net, so people aren't always anxious about money (so this excludes the USA).

France is now discussing the possibility of experimenting with universal basic income. We'll see how that goes, but I'm pretty sure that if the universal basic income is implemented, it will be here in good old Europe, and not in Asia ( - in Asia they still believe in the possibility of a purely free market capitalism ... Singapore, China, South Korea, all examples of that... all nightmares! people commit suicide due to overwork and suffocating social expectations...)

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