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October 18, 2016


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Hi smith.In other talks Jonathan Bowden spoke about trying to fight the Frankfurt School on their own terms by taking back the same institutions they and their intellectual progeny had infiltrated and changing the cultural paradigm accordingly.However,you may be right about the futility of this as,perhaps,the marxist view actually resonates much more with those who only exist and perceive on the level of mind/ego.There may be some benefit to fighting fire with fire but perhaps the most effective approach is to try and awake to that which exists beyond the mind rather than exchanging one set of ideas for another-although that may be a start as long as it didn't end there?Regards,Ian

Ian: I posted this comment to that video link you posted.

"dead on, i only wish he was here now to comment and speak about what the marxists and globalists have done in the last eight years since he gave this talk. since the marxist obamexcrement regime, together with the globalist elites ala soros et al, came to full control and power, i can only imagine what he would be saying about them now that they are the dominant hegemonic force and paradigm in the world today. the future is bleak in all directions. Brainwashing and mind-conditioning by the marxists is real and powerful. Unbrainwashing post-marxist has never succeeded either - look at russia and or china today, to understand that."

Jonathan Bowden-Marxism and The Frankfurt School.A brilliant talk by a brilliant man.

"Stephen Batchelor writes about a new Buddhism:

'Instead of authoritarian, monolithic institutions, it could imagine a decentralized tapestry of small-scale, autonomous communities of awakening....'"

Funny because I thought it already was decentralized. Theravads snd Zen seem to be. Only "authoritarian, monolithic institution" would be Tibetan Buddhism's Gulag sect headed by the Dalai Lama.

zennist: i have 'speculated' on this myself. lol. I fully concur. and especially with the summation of and in the final paragraph. Diabolical and satanic. This is easily ridiculed and dismissed, But regardless it is the truth. I will add, that the oppressed majority today, the hegemonic power in the west, is the marxists(cultural-marxists). And their oppression is increasing rapidly and exponentially in every area of society. Marxism and its various guises and permutations - postmodernism, humanism, relativism, and its use of racism, sexism, feminism, etc, all things 'pc' politically correct, etc, is hard to understand. It's hard to understand because of the sheer magnitude ad complexity of its ideology and its operations. Which means that it, like soviet communism was within russia vis a vis the russian peasantry, hard to resist, fight, and defeat. Cultural-marxism is incredibly elusive and clever in its design. Satan according to Jesus is no match for human beings - he far too clever. Jesus accorded him power second only to God himself. He said to Peter, 'satan would have you to sift like wheat'. meaning you are no match for satan, and we see that the marxists, and the permutations which are just marxism in various costumes and dress, are mere brainwashed, mind-conditioned satanic puppets. Just like good little pavlovian trained dogs. This is a war - in which marxism is the wolf in sheep's clothing, claiming to bring the good, freedom, prosperity, wisdom, etc, but which delivers threats, coercion, intimidation, repression, oppression, incarceration, and eventually death on mass large scales. The ivory towers kept the embers burning until the political social conditions prevailed that enabled it to emerge in full power having gradually conquered the critical mass of minds for it to gain full control in all areas of power. Satan may be easily dismissed by the atheists that are also produced by marxism, as fear based fiction, superstitious imaginations, etc, but if the nihilist marxists and all the myriad labeled variants are correct, than there is no meaning to anything including them. In which case nietzsche and sartre, and the 'God is dead' believers, are also correct when they said basically the only thing left to do is kill themselves. Oh'!! if only they would succeed in conditioning the minds of their duped followers to do just that!! problem would be solved. Of course they never can face the ultimate ends of their delusions of reality.

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