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October 16, 2016


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Actually, D.R. has had 7 transplants to date. (But I doubt if any woman would dare to date him...)
Why does everyone talk so goofy on here? Just make your damn comment in your own damn words. Then let it go. Most of the time I don't even read the comments.

Ah, Diogenes, are you up to your old tricks again? Some prostrations would do you good! Here you are establishing yourself as the standard of correctness in merit in the Buddhadharma, yet are so obviously and completely unable to disentangle yourself from arrogance and conceit. What a ridiculous and tragic display of self satisfaction! Have you no shame at all?

Bodhi dumber wrote: "Better to skip the dharma talks and live and think for ourself."

To the main crowd of puthujhanas, who are devoid of the dharma in their minds, who are as foreign to IT as IT is foreign to them, "bowing" down to a Buddha statue, reading a passage from a sutra, or offering some incense or even funds for the propagation of the dharma by monasteries in line with the former, is a way to gain positive merit.

This type of merit is desperately needed for a better rebirth in a realm/reality where they can come closer to the true light of the buddha dharma as offered to them via a sage, a great bodhisattva or even Buddha.

where to draw the line? We must all follow our own light and not let anyone overwhelm our own judgment, including Mr. Siddhartha. And look at what a cult of personality he created. Bowing down to a statue of anything or body is not in line with reason. T's an act of spiritual defeatism. But that's what you'll find at any zen center or buddhist temple. I highly doubt Siddhartha would be pleased by that, but that's what happens when you play follow the leader. Better to skip the dharma talks and live and think for ourself.

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