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September 20, 2016


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Susan: Just an observation on the drugs. They don't come close to helping us awaken to our true nature. Sure, they affect perception but that is not going to get anyone past the Zen barrier which only lets the unconditioned (nirvana) pass. So changing our perception means nothing. We have to penetrate through all dependent originations. This is a return to our true nature which is quite an astonishing moment. :)

I'm really really relating to what you have said here. And the problem is that here in CA almost all of the Zen students are engineers who are totally baffled by anything beyond the material--even tho they are from very different backgrounds and traditional ways of thinking and religions. If they don't sense that there is some truth beyond the mundane, why are they in a Zen center? I was walking by the front desk the other day and one of the monks asked me "Susan, why would someone attend a 3-day retreat?" (My friend Alex was sitting there and he was the one who was trying to justify going on retreat.) Well, I said, "I don't know. Probably everyone has a different reason. Maybe...to deepen your practice? Shifu, is this one of those 'Zen questions??'" I pouted. He laughed. Alex is a family man who works for Google. I have no idea why he was thinking over this question. I am no expert! lol But my feeling is that there is just no satisfaction in this life that lasts except the realization of truth.

I also want to share this: something that really upset me that I saw on Dateline NBC this week. In the 70s those who were seeking to enlarge consciousness experimented with LSD, but now it is NOT SAFE to do that. A 17 year old girl named Tara in Minnesota and her friend took what they thought was a dose of LSD and Tara died as a result. It was not LSD but a synthetic drug sold as LSD, which does not kill people. This girl was a "Beatles fan" and had done internet research on the effects of LSD but ended up getting something that killed her. The reason I bring this up is that some of us have a deep desire to "go beyond" superficial reality; some of us are of a philosophical bent; some of us want to try new things...and that for me represents the yearning for the mystical beyond this life. But now, I guess it's highly dangerous to attempt to open the doors of perception a crack with drugs.

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