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September 18, 2016


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"Ananda, although beings in the six paths of any mundane world may not kill, steal, or lust either physically or mentally, these three aspects of their conduct thus being perfect, if they tell various major lies, then the Samadhi they attain will not be pure. They will become demons of love and views and will lose the seed of the Tathagata. They claim that they have attained what they have not attained, and that they have been certified when they have not been certified. Perhaps they seek to be foremost in the world, most venerated and superior people. They announce to their audiences that they have attained the fruition of a Shrotaapanna, of a Sakridagamin, of an Anagamin, of Arhatship, of the Pratyekabuddha Vehicle, or the various levels of Bodhisattvahood up to and including the Ten Bhumi(stage)s, in order to cause others to revere and repent in front of them and because they are greedy for offerings. These icchantikas destroy the seeds of Buddhahood just as surely as a tala-tree is destroyed if it is chopped down. The Buddha predicts that such people cut off their good roots forever and lose their knowledge and vision. Immersed in the sea of the Three Sufferings, they cannot attain Samadhi."

Indeed, Diogenes, what else is new?

Ultimately all these childish fabrications you just made. points back to yourself - your own sub-consciousness. Interesting measure of self-loathing there Yeti. If I cut away some big chunks of your "Trump"-like incoherent ramblings, what remains is a very sad spirit, viewing itself as a failure, not taking advice, or viewing any such given as an assault on its false ID that currently dominates the reality of the former.

Your insight into the dharma, of what you believe to be true contra what is, is also on a childs level - a petulant one at best.

My intentions was to kick your behind and see if the blind fool could open its eyes to its own predicament. Your response was nothing more than repetative loud snoring LOL.

As I said before, what else is new?


In accusing others of ignorance you do not perceive your own. You are only able to repeat teachings given to you, not recognizing any parrot can do the same. Poltroon! Having being provided the benefit of provisional teachings you mistake them for the truth and cling to them, converting a tool of liberation into a weapon of pride. You are still seeing persons, interactions, and shadows; still seeing “truth” and “ignorance” not knowing that reality is already complete, non-dual and without blemish. Nirvana is not apart from samsara. It is your pride, not the wisdom of the Tathagata, which leads you to such rash and poorly contemplated conclusions. Your self-righteous outburst profits no one; yea, it serves only to turn the wheel of rebirth. Your intent was to insult another to exalt yourself, Diogenes, and the reaction was predictable. Seeing this prediction come about, you take it as confirmation of your skill, but in truth it is evidence only of how far remains before you on the path. You have not yet seen the full consequences of your own stupidity in making these affirmations without merit. Uncountable unwholesome states arise in your mind as easily as a mushroom in the forest, and when conditions are present, the habits manifest as karma and so unwittingly you turn the wheel of samsara.

I tell you whatever attainments you may have had, or have been told you have had, or believe you have had, have not disrupted the unceasing habit energies that led to your birth. I tell you your destiny is the same crushing wheel of birth and death you think you have escaped, because no matter what your insights in this brief lifetime, indeed for far, far longer you have walked, slithered, swum, flew, lurked and hovered in every imaginable and unimaginable form of miserable existence in complete and total ignorance, feeding on shit like a fly, occupying putrescence as your palace, seeking shade under a dead tree like a ghost. And just as a fly vomits up its bile to digest excrescence, you vomit up prideful words to ingest satisfaction in your attainment, a satisfaction which clouds your mind and sends you to commit grave offenses against the sangha. And why? Because you exalt your own puerile insights even though it is by grace of the Blessed Ones alone, who have vowed to liberate all beings, have you heard the true Dharma in this mind realm of great confusion.

Because you have convinced yourself of your own spiritual superiority, not knowing your limitations, and eager to affirm your worth in the sight of men, the spiritual instruction you have been fortunate enough to receive is converted to an intoxicant of pride. Here you are berating those whose utterances do not meet with your utterances, not knowing these words, indeed the apparent beings with whom you have chosen to dispute all have no substance and no claim to the real, and that all is working out as it should. The spirit alone is beyond conditions of permanence or impermanence, and untouched by all defilement, beyond categories of spiritual knowledge or attainment, or any sense of ownership or status. Keep it up foolish one, and perhaps you’ll be born to a deva realm and suffer endless attrition, requiring the offerings of the same worldlings you hold in contempt to salve your unclean spirit, before your merit is spent and you cast yourself once again into the endless cycle of rebirth.

@n.yeti, Aside from "does a dog have Buddha nature?" Most koans are worthless. You'll achieve enlightrnment quicker pondering Dr. Seus than pondering nihilist koans. Reading any philosophical text that involves reincarnation (Vedantist, Plotinus, Christian Gnostic texts, Samkhya Karika, Jain sutras, etc.) But koans are intended to make a nihilist monkey of you. A question is asked and the answer is off topic...the height of absurdity.

I do not need to meet you, in order to KNOW you.

The position of spiritually blind fools, like yourself, is whenever they ask for proof of light, they do it on the premise their blindness can remain untarnished and well within the invisible grace of said light. That will never happen.

I understand your position. You have so many illusions to care for, that in paying the price of said illusions through this sad demerit of your current blindness, none is worthy to pass this sacred threshold of your own perverted becoming unless they meet the demands of your accumulated spiritual shortcomings.

As I said before, what else is new?

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